How To Become Pro Player In Garena Free Fire | 90% Booyah! Tricks

Free Fire Pro Player Tips & Tricks

Friends obviously Free Fire is a good game and I also play good enough. Many people bored on Free Fire because they unable to kill enemy or by killed enemy. Thats why they also uninstall Free Fire.

Today I'm coming with some free Fire tips if you follow that them you may be a Free Fire Pro Player. I discuss some simple stretegy by following them you would to be a good player. Also remember you need to give your patience on Free Fire to be a good player.
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How To Become Pro Player In Garena Free Fire?

1. Landing On Loot Area :
Friends new player didn't know where they landing. They land in a field area and they didn't got any gun earlier that's why they are finished by enemies.

Always remember when you landing from plane must land any Loot place where you will get perfect gun and medikit to get fight.

2. Try To Land On Building :
Building is a safe place to hide from enemies without gun. Also building is a loot place where you must get weapons for fight.

So after open the parachute try to land any building then loot weapon and then fight against enemies.

3. Choose Gun Combination :
Without perfect gun combination you can't stay in Free Fire battle ground. So first collect best guns before fighting. Don't play with snipers, sniper didn't play important role on Free Fire.

If you suggest gun combination from me i suggest you to keep one AR or long range gun + one SMG or Short Gun. But you keep which gun suite for you.

4. Landing on A Crowded Area :
Without fighting no-one to be a Pro Player in Free Fire. So try to land any fighting area Like Peak, Clock Tower then take gun and Fight.

5. Choose Friendly Partner :
A friendly partner help you to get booyah! in Free Fire. If you play solo then skip but if you play on squad you must need good behaviour friends.

Always try to stay together. Because when you knocked by an enemy your friend have  a chance to revive you. Not only revive also good combination friend will help you to kill enemies.

6. Focus On Enemies Foot Sound :
Enemies foot sound is very important part to play game. Enemies Foot sound tell you where the Enemies are. Also you can stay alert about enemies. Use earphone before starting a match to stay alert.

7. Practice In Training Ground :
Practice makes perfect. So start training match and practice with your favourite gun to improve yourself.

8. Use Garena Free Fire Mod Apk :
In this time many mod available in the internet. You can download Free Fire Mod apk, mod apk has many features which help you to be a pro player. Mod apk comes with Auto headshot, Auto aim and many more feature. Just install mod apk and be pro player.

9. Gun Skins : 
Gun Skin also play major role in Free Fire. Many legandary gun skin has extra abilities. Also you can purchase gun skin to kill enemies in short time but I'm not recommend you to invest money in this types of games. 

Conclusion :
Guide isn't much to play like pro player. Players need to do practice to play better. So follow above points and go for fights.

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